Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher  - Mrs N Lobo

Head of School (RGS) - Mrs J Sidhu

Deputy Headteacher - Ms L Mclaren


Assistant Headteachers - Mrs M Aziz and Mr A Miller

Curriculum and Assessment - Mrs N Lobo, Ms L Mclaren (EYFS and KS2),                                                       Mr A Miller (KS1) Teaching & Learning

Inclusion - Mrs M Aziz and Mrs J Sidhu

SENCO- Mrs J Sidhu

Safeguarding - Mrs M Aziz and Mrs N Lobo


Teaching and support staff

EYFS Leader - Mrs M Vasu

Nursery - Mrs M Vasu Part time Nursery

Nursery - Ms B Deen Full time Nursery


EYFS Reception Leader - Mrs S Manoj

Canaries - Ms D Delalande

Robins - Mrs S Kara Kerai

Parrots - Mrs S Manoj

Jays - Miss M Bhanderi


Year 1 Leader - Ms C McArthur

Eagles -Miss L Minihan

Owls - Miss  G Radia

Stags - Ms C McArthur

Rabbits - Mr A Warner


Year 2 Leader - Ms T Pandya

Badgers - Mr R Patel

Hedgehogs - Ms T Pandya

Foxes - Ms D Simpson

Squirrels - Miss S Chowdhury


Support Staff    (Teaching/Learning Support Assistants)

Mrs A Vadher - HLTA float/Parent Support

Mrs K Tailor - HLTA float/Parent Support

Ms Z Millard - HLTA EYFS (Nursery)

Mrs N Shah - Senior TA EYFS (Nursery)

Mrs S Makwana - EYFS (Nursery)

Mrs N Nazir (4 days) - EYFS (Nursery)

Mrs S Abed -  EYFS (Nursery - Mon)

Mrs K AL-Kateb - TA (Yellow Canaries )

Mrs R Vyas - LSA (Yellow Canaries)

Mrs F Imran - TA (Red Robins)

Mr G Morgan - LSA (Red Robins)

Miss S Osei - TA am (Green Parrots)

Mrs S Parekh - Senior TA pm ( Green Parrots) 

Mrs L Yanez - LSA am (Green Parrots)

Mrs H Panchasra - LSA pm (Green Parrots)

Mrs T Faki - TA (Blue Jays)

Mrs T Ali - LSA ( Blue Jays)

Mrs P Powell - Senior TA (Eagles), Yr 1 float pm

Mrs R Raval- Senior TA (Owls), Yr 1 float pm

Mrs M Ruparalia TA am ( Rabbits)

Mrs M Choitram - TA ( Stags)

Mrs K Gami TA am(Squirrels), Yr 2 float pm           

Ms S Sree - TA am (Badgers), Yr 2 float pm

Mrs P Devshi - TA am (Hedgehogs)

Mrs R Chana - Nursery am Sp & Lang pm

Mrs D Thanki - Senior TA am (Foxes)

Mrs S Mahmood - LSA (Foxes) 

SMSA - Support Staff 

Mrs Upadyay - SMSA

Mrs T Thilaimbalam - SMSA

Mrs G Bashir - SMSA

Mrs B Qayyum - SMSA

Mrs R Vekaria - SMSA

Mrs M Patel - SMSA

Mrs B Patel - SMSA

Mrs H Patel - SMSA

Mrs M Dadhania - SMSA

Mrs Som - SMSA

Mrs S Hirani - SMSA

Mrs Bhudia - SMSA


NON Class Based Staff

Ms M Strangeman, Play Therapy             (Wednesday alternate weeks)

Mrs L Smith, Tuesday am HA (year 1),                 YGL Stags pm Tuesday,                                 Creative Curriculum Wednesday

Mrs E Sophocleous, Tuesday am HA (year 2)           YGL Hedgehogs pm Tuesday, Hedgehogs Friday,  EYFS Creative Curriculum Wednesday

Mr A Miller, Mrs L Smith , Mrs A Vadher and         Mrs K Tailor -  Creative Curriculum Wednesday

Kids Kitchen - Mrs D Thanki  (Mon/Tues/Wed)     Kids Kitchen - Mrs K Tailor (Fri)

Administration Staff

Mrs M Wickramasinghe - School Secretary/Admin

Miss N Skyers - Office Assistant

Mrs C Javaid - HR Administration

Mrs B Robb - Financial Administration

Mrs J Nield - Consultant (Mon and Thurs)

Mr J Vaja - I.T Network Manager

Mr R Norris - Site Supervisor

Mr R Cyrus - Assistant Site Supervisor