School Clubs


After School Clubs for Year 1 and 2 pupils from September


These are the clubs we will be offering to Year 1 and 2 children starting on ____________ September 2017.

If you wish your child to attend one of the clubs please fill in and send the contract and reply slip back to school by ___________________. We require the payment up front to secure a place for (date).

PLEASE NOTE: Children receiving Pupil Premium are entitled to up to 50% off club fees.


Clubs will run daily for 10 weeks starting from ___________________. Spaces will be allocated to clubs on a first come first served basis.

Clubs are not a child-minding service. They are extra-curricular activities for children and are run by professionals who are all qualified in working with children. All parents whose children attend a club will be expected to read, sign and abide by the contract attached to this letter.


The following clubs will be held in the Summer Term.


Summer Term 2017


Literacy Club 3:20 - 4.20 (Squirrels Class)

Football Club (Year 1) 3.20 - 4.20 (Small Hall)


Ready Steady Cook 3.20 - 4.20 (Falcon Class)

Computing Club 3.20 - 4.20 (ICT Suite)

Yoga Club 3.20 - 4.20 (Small Hall) TBC


Football Club (Year 2) 3.20 - 4.20 (Large Hall)

Maths Club 3.20 - 4.20 (Badger Class)


Crafty Crafts Club 2.30 - 4.20 (Falcon Class)


Multi Sports 3.20 - 4.20 (Small Hall)


Please note that the last day of school clubs this half term will be ____________  2017