Curriculum Week Images


Creative Curriculum

EYFS -  Reception have been learning about dinosaurs! We made our own 3D dinosaurs, made clay fossils, handled pop-up dinosaur books carefully and created skeleton pictures. We loved singing and listening to stories about dinosaurs. We practised saying their names and identifying them in our small world play. We had a roaring time!.

KS1 were doing Art, Computing, Drama and Library activities for their creative time.



This term we have been learning about tag rugby, we have been looking at the rules and strategies of the game e.g. passing, finding space and working as part of a team. We have also been looking at the importance of warming up and stretching our muscles as a cross curricular link to science.



Through drama at Roe Green Infant and Strathcona Schools, the children are taught the skills of creating an ensemble, movement and space, environment, character development, objective and tactics, focus and concentration, utilising their voice and listening and reacting.  The development of these drama skills occurs through the use of a range of drama strategies which include Hot-seating, Freeze frames, Thought tracking, Small-group play-making, Soundscaping, Conscience alley, Mime and Story Whoosh!


This term in KS1 we are learning what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions. The children were able to give a set of instructions to a programme (control) a device, like a 'floor robot, or on-screen object. They have learned to refine (de-bug) and improve / make changes.

In KS2 we have been designing, writing and debugging programs. The children created a game including writing a set on instructions which they later went on to test. The children peer assessed and came up with what they liked about the game and what the game could have been improved.


The Schools library is a well-equipped and stimulating environment where children explore a large variety of books covering a range of different genres.

Children enjoy their library sessions during creative curriculum where they embed the skills that they have learned in class so far. These skills include reading quietly, writing book reviews and character descriptions, guided reading and answering questions about what they have read.‘


Art Week

English Week

This year’s English Week was based on Story Telling. The week started with a visit to the school by Chip Colquhoun from “Snail Tales”, a company which highlights and develops the importance of storytelling in education. This “Storytelling Day” started with a whole school assembly and then classes had workshops in which they created their own ideas for telling stories. The children then worked with their class teachers during the week to adapt and develop these ideas into exciting written stories. English Week concluded with a World Book Day celebration where the children came to school dressed up as one of their favourite book characters. Book prizes were awarded to the best costumes from each class.

Computing Week

During computing week KS1/KS2 explored a variety of different technology all around school. Each year group made QR code key rings and bookmarks, giving them quick access to different learning resources whether they were at home or out and about. The children also learned how to programme and control electronic devices using algorithms and other programming devices. 

Science Inclusion Week

As part of our Inclusion Week 2017- “We all share one sky”, the whole school investigated kites. We explored the best materials, shapes and sizes for making a successful kite. We invited schools from our cluster group to join us in the making, investigating and evaluating of these kites and so much fun and learning was had by all.

Science Week

For Science week we became Autumn Explorers! We collected, observed and investigated seeds, leaves and trees. We went out, felt the weather and enjoyed walks in the park. Thank you to the parents who came and explored with us!

Humanities Week

Well done to everyone who took part in Humanities Week 2016! This year the theme was ‘Ancient Greeks’. Here are some photos to illustrate what went on during the week. Enjoy! 

Maths Week 

During Maths week all children participated in a wide variety games and activities that were based around numbers, problem solving, turn taking, winning and losing.

Parents were invited into classrooms to play alongside their children and friends. It was wonderful to see so many parents take part.

Workshops were run for parents to come in and find out about games that will support their children’s learning and to understand the importance of why games are so important in everyday learning. Classes designed and made their own games and were then presented at the whole school assembly on Friday.