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Phonics and Reading : Intent and Implementation

At Roe Green Infant School, we are passionate about ensuring that all children can become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. 

We value reading as a key life skill, and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers.  We believe reading is key for academic success.  Phonics and early reading and writing skills are taught through the Bug Club Phonics scheme for Reception and Key Stage 1.  By Year 2, children are reading a range of different texts and can demonstrate their understanding and thinking behind these.  Echo reading is one of the strategies used to support the development of children’s fluency and expression.  When children are not as quick to pick up phonic and early reading skills, they are given the extra support needed to help them catch up quickly and then keep up with their peers.


In Nursery, children are introduced to the foundations of phonics through Phase 1 and its 7 aspects.  The first 6 aspects are not taught sequentially but aspect 7 is only introduced when children have had plenty of opportunity to develop their sound discrimination skills.


Each classroom has a book corner with care taken to display the books for ease of access.  The focus is on the quality and suitability of the books not on the quantity.  Books are rotated throughout the year which enables the children to browse the best books and re-visit the ones that have been read to them.


Children are given opportunities to visit the well-stocked and welcoming school library to explore their own interests.  It also offers further opportunities for the children to apply their reading skills across the curriculum.


This immersion in high quality texts, helps children to become comfortable using a rich range of vocabulary and build on their prior knowledge.  

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