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Religious Education : Intent and Implementation

At Roe Green Infant School, we follow the agreed SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) syllabus for Brent.  Children learn to value and understand themselves, as well as their place in and contribution to their local community.  We aim to teach children about a range of religions and non-religious world views in a variety of ways, ensuring that they are beginning to build the skills and knowledge to understand and respect the beliefs of others in today’s diverse and ever changing world.

The school follows the Brent recommended approach to Collective Worship.  All children take part in a daily act of collective worship either in class, specific year groups or as a whole school.

Each unit investigates a Big Question.  Children are encouraged to think about their beliefs and other people’s beliefs to answer smaller questions.  We aim to use a range of strategies to think and consider the questions that R.E. raises, for example, through using a cross-curricular approach.  We also aim to include purposeful thinking and reflection time that will lead to deeper learning.

The curriculum provides for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and provides the ‘Cultural Capital’ in order to prepare them ‘for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.’

The RE curriculum reflects the fact that the religious traditions of Great Britain are, in the main, ‘Christian’, but it is also reflective of the key religions represented in our school: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

Knowledge, Skills and Progression Map

Please click on the PDF icon below to see detailed information about the development of knowledge and skills in this subject from year to year.

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