Staff Inset Days


Training Day -  Friday 1st September 2017


Structural Challenge


On Friday 1st September 2017, staff did a team building exercise. They were given a challenge to build a structural tower out of newspaper, spaghetti, marshmallows and sellotape. This tower had to be the tallest and strongest. It had to hold a crème egg for 1 minute. Let the challenge begin!


Monday 31st  October

Thursday 5th May 2016


Matthew Cornish and Frances Thomas from 3BM carried out a training session for staff at RGI and RGS. Today’s training targeted content and the resources on the London Grid for Learning (LGFL). Staff also explored the resources available to parents from home with the use of My USO. There was also refresher training on the 3BM scheme of work were Matthew updated the staff of further new content.  


The teachers had a busy time with lots of hands on activities. They explored wax and its properties by making their own candles and they tested jumping beans on different surfaces. The snow making was fantastic too, as teachers explored its volume and texture by adding water. More investigating took place through the making of moving pictures, looking at the force of air, magnets and the thickness of various liquids. Lots of learning to take back into the classroom!