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Design & Technology : Intent and Implementation

At Roe Green Infant School, our intent is to provide high quality design and technology lessons that encourage all children to use creativity and imagination. To design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. Design and technology is a rigorous and practical subject that should inspire children and provide them with opportunities for collaborative work, to carry out investigations, to problem solve and evaluate. Throughout KS1 we follow a school-based scheme and the Kapow D.T scheme.

The children will learn to design purposeful, functional and appealing products that are based on design criteria.

They will make products using a wide range of materials and learn how to use tools safely to cut, shape, join and finish.

The children will be encouraged to think creatively and take design risks, they will then evaluate their product using technical vocabulary.

At Roe Green Infant School, we have a bespoke children’s kitchen, where children learn to prepare from scratch nutritious, healthy food. They are taught the importance of hygiene and how to measure accurately using a range of scales and how to handle kitchen tools safely and accurately. All staff participate in training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge during INSET days. Pupils will be provided with feedback during lessons and opportunities for reflection.

The teaching of DT, provides many opportunities for cross-curricular working: learning about nutrition and healthy diets as part of science, shape and space within maths to support different 3D structures and use of information, communication and technology to research topics to prepare pupils for the next stage in their education.

Knowledge, Skills and Progression Map

Please click on the PDF icon below to see detailed information about the development of knowledge and skills in this subject from year to year.

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