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History : Intent and Implementation

At Roe Green Infant School, we believe that history should fire children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world.  History is part of the Humanities curriculum and each topic covers a particular historical period, event or significant individual.


Studying history gives children the opportunity to gain an understanding of why the world and its people are the way they are today. This will help them develop a sense of identity and continuity with the past. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions, evaluate evidence and present points of view on what they have learnt.

As a starting point for each topic, children are encouraged to ask questions about events, individuals or artefacts from the past. Children will develop their historical knowledge and enquiry skills by investigating different sources of information to answer these questions.  They will learn to place historical events and significant individuals into a chronological framework and will be able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Using a wide historical vocabulary, children will acquire a sound understanding of how historical events and significant individuals have impacted our lives today.  


Many of the school outings are based on the topics studied in history, for example, a London walk to investigate the Great Fire of London.  Visitors are also invited into school to talk about such topics as Victorian homes.

Knowledge, Skills and Progression Map

Please click on the PDF icon below to see detailed information about the development of knowledge and skills in this subject from year to year.

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