School Assemblies


At Roe Green Infant and Roe Green Strathcona School we have many different kinds of assemblies. These often incorporate our schools values and ethos of being 'Respectful, Creative, Resilient, An Achiever, Trustworthy, Independent, Honest, Safe and Healthy, Positive and Friendly.'

The class assemblies have been a tremendous success where parents have come to watch and support their children perform.

We have had assemblies focusing on helping charities around the world, most recently 'Wear It Pink' for cancer research, 'The Great Daffodil Appeal' Marie Curie for supporting people with terminal illnesses and the 'skipping challenge' for Comic Relief. All raising amazing amounts of money with generous donations from parents/carers. 

We have also celebrated or talked about the different religious festivals that we embrace in our school, these continue throughout the year.

Our assemblies give the children a chance to think about their own behaviour and attitudes towards others. It is also a time to reflect on the world around us and learn to respect the differences we have.


Staff Christmas Panto

As the Christmas holidays approached, the staff at Roe Green Infant School presented a seasonal show for the children. “The Fairytale Land Nativity”, an original take of the traditional nativity story, was greeted with enthusiasm and delight by the children, who very much enjoyed seeing their teachers in a different light.

The premise of the show was that all the fairytale characters had come together to put on a nativity show. Miss Acharya played Little Red Riding Hood playingthe part of Mary; Mr Patel played Jack (of beanstalk fame) playing Joseph; the Angel Gabriel was played by Goldilocks, who in turn was played by Mrs Smith and Jack’s cow, as played by Mrs Powell, took the role of the donkey.

Are you keeping up with this?

Mrs Aziz took the role of Little Miss Muffet, who played the 2nd Innkeeper while the Big Bad Wolf (played by Ms McLaren) was the 1st Innkeeper. Ms Pandya, Mrs Sophocleous and Miss Simpson played the Three Bears, who filled the roles of the shepherds, while Miss Ruddick, Miss Samadi and Miss Riley were the Three Little Pigs playing the Wise Men.

Other staff members made up the Chorus,performing the songs (well-known children’s songs and nursery rhymes with appropriately adapted lyrics) with enthusiasm … and occasional tunefulness.

Narrating the show was Mrs Lobo in the guise of Wee Willie Winkie.

The response from the children was fantastic; you could see they were enjoying it. They really loved the show and volunteered lots of positive feedback.

This has surely set a precedent. Watch this space for an announcement of the next Roe Green Staff Production!

Christmas Concert 

Year 2 Choir Autumn 2

“Christmas Assembly”

In celebration of Christmas and the festive season the Year 2 Choir performed a song titled ‘Believe’ from the film The Polar Express. Since Autumn 2016 RGI students have been learning the art of Sign Language, a language used by the deaf community. Signing the lyrics of songs in comparison to singing creates a different and very unique and moving performance which the audience love. 

Diwali Show By Year 1

On Friday 4th November, Year 1 performed an assembly about Diwali. Pupils learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and how the light triumphed over the darkness. Year 1 also made rangoli patterns and divas.