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Sports Premium 2021 - 2022

Healthy Living

At Roe Green Infant School and Roe Green Strathcona School (RGI/RGS), we value the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle. We focus on exercise and healthy eating in many parts of the curriculum, including Physical Education, PSHE, Science and Design Technology.

What have the School Council found out?

The school council are of the opinion that physical activity and sensible diets will help Roe Green children to keep fit and healthy. They thought that facilities such as after school clubs, inter-school events and in-house competitions would help increase the children’s confidence, team spirit and friendship circles. The School Council also felt that new equipment and specialist PE teachers would help to enhance their physical skills and fitness levels.

The sports funding will be used to support some of these targets

  • To develop a stimulating PE Curriculum for all pupils and teachers.

  • To increase the levels of competitiveness in school games and inter-school sports competitions.

  • To develop PE in EYFS (introduce in house sporting competitions for reception and nursery).

  • To raise attainment and assessment across the curriculum with a particular focus on P.E.

Current PE Provision at RGI/RGS

  • PE is taught in our Creative Curriculum and also in PE lessons, which include dance, gymnastics and invasion games including tag rugby, basketball, football, hockey, cricket, tennis and badminton. Sport Premium funding has enabled us to purchase the relevant equipment for these sports.

  • Swimming takes place across KS2 and is taught by an external swimming coach at Harrow Leisure Centre.

  • Inter-school sports competitions take place with Infant Cluster schools and have included football, tag rugby and kwik cricket. Due to covid-19 restrictions inter-school competitions were replaced with in house competitions within year groups.

  • Children in upper KS2 will be spending a week at PGL in order to take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges.

  • A mini bus has been purchased in order to allow for inter-school competitions.

Due to covid-19 KS2 pupils at RGS were not able to have swimming lessons. Weekly Swimming lessons took place between May 2015 and March 2020, for key stage 2 children at RGS. The impact of swimming for these children has been immense. They continued to learn how to swim and 55% of the children are now independent swimmers. In addition to this, they learnt other skills such as taking responsibility for their own belongings and managing their time effectively.

Sport Premium has also enabled the teachers to go on a number of courses with a focus on increasing activity levels in PE lessons. The subscription to the PE Hub scheme, has given teachers the confidence to teach a variety of sports. In September 2019, the first training took place, enabling the staff to become more confident in the strategies they are using during their PE lessons and to successfully increase the activity levels of children.

On Friday 19th March 2021 children at Roe Green Infant and Strathcona school took part in Comic Relief by coming into school wearing red clothing and walking to school in the morning. Throughout the day Reception and KS1 took part in an Egg and Spoon race to raise money for this great cause. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was a huge success as we managed to raise £422.05 for this amazing cause. RGI and RGS will once again be taking part in Sport Relief in 2022 and are aiming to raise even more money.

Due to covid-19 restrictions inter-school competitions were replaced with in-house competitions within year groups. On Wednesday 9th and 16th December 2020 KS1 took part in an interschool team games competition. All 8 classes took part in team games such as the bean bag race, football relay race, egg and spoon race and a relay running race. All classes enjoyed the friendly competition and it was great to see the games performed in good spirit and all pupils showed great sportsmanship. In a close contest within their year groups, the team games were won by Hedgehog class of Year 2 and Eagle class of Year 1. Both winners of the team games showed excellent teamwork and togetherness whilst competing in the team games.

During the Spring term 2021 (January to April) due to school being closed because of Lockdown, PE was carried out in a different way. Live Virtual PE sessions were carried out on a weekly basis along with daily PE activities for children to perform whilst being at home. The uptake for the live sessions were very good as over 70% of pupils at RGI/RGS took part in these weekly live sessions along with the children that were at school in their respective bubbles. There was also a weekly PE challenge for pupils complete, this turned out to be successful as pupils enjoyed taking part in these challenges and parents were sending pictures and videos in to their class teachers.  

Following on from the success of the virtual live PE sessions and challenges in the Summer term 2021 pupils took part in a competition and were asked to make a fitness workout plan that included a warm up, 5 exercises and a cool down. The chosen workout plans were then carried out by the whole school during the summer term during PE lessons. The impact that this had on the children was immense as they were very enthused in making their own plans and they enjoyed having ownership during PE lessons.

Having set a target to increase the competitiveness in school competitions, this year’s Sports Days proved to be huge successes with staff and pupils. On Friday 16th July 2021 Roe Green Infant School held their annual sports day on the field. It was a glorious day and the sun was shining. The children took part in events such as egg and spoon, sack race, bean bag balance, hurdles relay race, relay race. All classes enjoyed the friendly competition and it was great to see the events performed in good spirit and all pupils showed great sportsmanship. In a close contest within their year groups, the sports day trophies were won by Squirrel class of Year 2 and Stag class of Year 1, while Nursery and Reception competed within their classes respectively. At RGS, the children compete in their Houses. The winning House was Bell.

Sports Funding 2021 - 2022



PE Equipment

PE Resources

Organisation and running of Events

PE Coach

Kingsbury SSP (Awaiting confirmation)

Total £12,510.50






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