The Teaching of Reading and Phonics.

Reading is taught as part of the English curriculum, the prime aim is to encourage children to become lifelong readers who read for enjoyment and knowledge. Equal emphasis is put on the importance of developing decoding and comprehension skills.


Guided reading is taught on a daily basis so that children are heard reading twice a week as part of a group. This is introduced in the spring term of Reception and continues throughout KS1 and KS2. The guided reading books used are a mixture of book schemes and real books. From Year 2 dedicated comprehension lessons take place once a week.


A range of assessment foci is used including accurate decoding of text, reading for meaning, the ability to retrieve information, to infer and interpret information, to identify and comment on the structure of the text.

Children have access to our well stocked library as well as regular visits to Kingsbury library in KS1.

Phase one of the Letters and Sounds program for the teaching of phonics is taught in the Nursery using the Jolly Phonics scheme. This is a very interactive and visual scheme ideal for teaching basic letters and sounds to our youngest learners.


Phase two and three are taught in Reception using the Phonics Bug scheme, children are then assessed at the end of the year. The Phonics Bug scheme continues to be used throughout KS1 to teach the children phases three to six. The children are allocated groups for phonics in Year 1 and then taught on a phase ability basis throughout KS1. Progress is monitored termly.


At the end of year 1 the children take the Government’s Phonic Check to assess their level of phonic understanding. Those children who do not meet the check at this point, will be re-checked in Year 2.

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