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At Roe Green Infant School, PSHE underpins everything we teach our pupils, as their well-being is paramount and that goes hand in hand with their education. We support all students to become valued, responsible members of society, that treat each other with respect and dignity, whilst ensuring we are preparing them for life in Modern Britain with core British Values deeply embedded.


PSHE provides opportunities for children to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours which will enable them to become successful learners and effective citizens, both within and beyond our school. PSHE is taught through 6 main topics:

  • Being me in my world

  • Celebrating difference

  • Dreams and goals

  • Healthy me

  • Relationships

  • Changing me



  • Teachers will be timetabling and teaching effective Circle Times. 

  • PSHE will be expressed through normal academic and pastoral arrangements through the whole school environment, including displays, the pattern of relationships established, and the values modelled by all of the staff. 

  • Children will know rules for, and ways of keeping safe, including basic road safety, and about people who can help them to stay safe. 

  • Children will understand the choices they can make, and recognise the difference between right and wrong. 

  • Children will make simple choices that improve their health and well-being. 

  • Children will think about themselves, learn from their experiences and recognise what they and others are good at.



We believe that by empowering pupils with knowledge of their rights and teaching them strategies where they can learn through taking risks and challenging themselves. By embedding our school values and culture throughout the curriculum, we enable our children to greatly improve their well-being, whilst developing their personal attributes to achieve to their full potential and open doors to the wider world.

PSHE teaches them to accept themselves and others for who they are, as well as to be proud of their heritage and culture. It incorporates how to care for others and the environment, and to understand the importance of being an upstanding citizen within the community. It offers a sense of belonging and pride.

RSE will be taught alongside PSHE using the Jigsaw scheme. RSE will begin to be taught in the Summer of 2021.